The Summer Season Of Texas Heat Is Here


Put your poker faces back on folks. The new season of Texas Heat is available in the XBLA Marketplace.

For those of you unfamiliar, Texas Heat is the live tournament portion of  the game Full House Poker for XBLA. Live events are scheduled a few days a week and include several half hour tournaments within each event. Texas Heat provides each player with a set amount of chips, so you need not worry about risking your own. Winning big isn’t the only objective either. Players that earn the most experience during each tournament have a chance to earn additional bonuses. Each event has a theme like lady’s night, costume night, beginner’s night, and a few others that give players the opportunity to collect extra experience or bonus payouts at the end of the each tournament.

The price tag, just like the spring season, is free and it comes with three new achievements worth 50GS. Pretty good for a free DLC.

We can most likely expect a fall and winter season of Texas Heat to drop later this year at their respective times.

Grab your friends, grab some snacks, and party up for the summer season of Texas Heat.

Happy gaming!

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