E3 2011: Disneyland Adventures Coming To Kinect

Have you ever wished that you could visit Disneyland? Well you can from the comfort of your own home.

Earlier today at the Microsoft E3 Press Conference, Disneyland Adventures Kinect was announced. You can explore the entire park of Disneyland right from your console.

Although it’s not just a simple tour, the real fun comes from when you ride the rides. You will fully interact with each ride of the park in its own unique way. Each ride is a seperate minigame for you and a friend to experience.

In the demo given we were shown a couple of rides. The first being the Peter Pan ride. Fly around Neverland as Peter Pan collecting coins. Through forests and within Pirate Ships, you can control Peter Pan with Kinect and fly around.

The other example was the Alice In Wonderland ride, experience the weird and wonderful world of Alice In Wonderland.  Simular concept except you are no longer flying, you are going within characters and objects from the Alice In Wonderland story. Still collecting coins though.

This game will definitely appeal to young children. And hopefully be a huge hit.

Disneyland Adventures is coming this holiday.

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