E3 2011: Fable The Journey Announced

Peter Moleneux has done it again. At the Microsoft E3 Press Conference the newest Fable game has been revealed.

Fable: The Journey is nothing like the first three Fable games and can be controlled solely with the Kinect controller for Xbox 360. No longer are you a hero in Albion, you are just an average guy riding a cart down a road when all of a sudden a mysterious woman comes towards you crying for help. She jumps onto your cart and then the adventure begins.

Albion is in a bad state, the darkness is coming upon it and you, an average guy is the only person that can rescue Albion.

The gameplay demo that was given at the Microsoft keynote looked amazing. No longer is it a third person game, you are now playing from the first person and have complete control of all of the magic that you had in the first game, but this time you are the one in control.

In the demo it was as simple as launching your hand forward to cast a basic spell in the direction of the attacking goblins. But you can also do extravagant attacks by raising both your arms. Moves such as thunderbolts and giant fireballs completely destroying the enemy. The accurate targeting reticule is assigned to each hand, so you can take out multiple enemies at once.

Fable: The Journey looks like what you would imagine from a Kinect Fable game, with magic being at the front of the experience, waving your arms about has never made you feel so powerful.

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  • Bcali Uw

    REALLY? I have to admit it looked terrible.  All the person did was push there hand out, and it looked clumsy in terms of tracking at that.  There seems to be nothing to it as your character auto moves and u make hand gestures, and very very basic ones… He was even sitting down for the first part.  I was completely underwhelmed.  I can see a child of 6 entertained with the massively repetitive gestures but that’s it.  Furthermore, since you do not control the character there is ZERO exploration.  I do not understand this take on it at all

  • i think this is the problem Microsoft have with no using some sort of controller, the game has to handle the character movement.  We also say this in the Star Wars Kinect demo but at least you could jump and charge forward but yet again, exploration was controlled by the game.  So its very much on rails gaming for Kinect unless Microsoft swollen some pride and release a thumb stick controller similar to Nintendos nunchuck

  • Necro Black

    It’s not the fable that I’ve grown to love or that I’m used to, but it still looks great! I considered the possibilities, and my theory is that the guy that you play is William Black, though I don’t see how that works with Theresa… then again, the Seer had long hair so it could be someone else! I didn’t see anything Steampunk about it, so I bet it takes place before the first Fable game.