E3 2011: Forza 4 To Feature Head Tracking

Earlier at the Microsoft E3 Press Conference. A Forza Motorsport 4 trailer was shown, featuring new details about what you should expect in Forza 4.

Head tracking is to be included in the game, in which if you are playing in front of your Kinect you can turn your head side to side and in game it will also follow your head movement. Need to check the mirror to see who’s trying to overtake you from the side? Then just move your head to the left or right and the in game view will move with you. No buttons required.

Not only is Head Tracking going to be a feature, but voice control will be too. Very little of this was shown but I can assume that it involves selecting cars, races and even upgrades with just your voice.

Over 80 auto manufacturers have signed up to be part of Forza 4 and with 16 player online multiplayer this isn’t going to be a racing game that you want to miss.

Forza 4 is due to be released on October 11th. Stay tuned to Platform Nation for more on the game in the coming months.

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