E3 2011: Need For Speed The Run Features On Foot Gameplay

For the first time in a Need for Speed series you will be able to not only control your car, but you will also be able to have some intense gameplay on foot. This heavily story driven game will feature on-foot escape sequences alongside plenty of amazing looking out of car experiences.

Crashed your car? Jump out and run like hell. In the gameplay demo given at the EA Conference the character crashes and then leaps out the car and starts a high speed thrilling chase across rooftops. Once you think you have escaped. A police car pulls up behind you. The character jump kicked a police officer in the stomach. And totally stole his police car. At this point your objective becoming “escape from the city”.

From the gameplay demo given in the EA Conference, this game looks to be the smart next step in the Need for Speed series. With huge explosions and very well scripted scenes (in and out car), Need for Speed The Run is going to be a huge step in the Need for Speed franchise and hopefully it will give a fresh outlook on how we see racing games.

A majority of the out of vehicles scenes seemed to be controlled by quicktime events (hammering buttons), but I’m unsure if you will get any direct control over your character apart from when your driving in the vehicle.

Stay tuned to Platform Nation for more Need For Speed The Run and E3 2011 footage.

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