E3 2011: Ravin Rabbids Kicking And Screaming For Kinect

If you watched the Ubisoft E3 conference you will have seen how the Raving Rabbids are taking over Kinect this holiday season.  November 8th, 2011 is the date you will be able to join with up to 3 other friends to take part in the mad party games that the Rabbids enjoy.  Yes, 4 player co-op is just one of the features of this game.

We saw one of the 4 player mini-games demonstrated during the conference where all 4 players had to form their bodies into the shape displayed on screen and hold it for a period of time.

Try not to fall over while holding the pose.

Another mini-game we saw in action was similar to whac-a-mole except it was whac-a-rabbid and the player was basically kicking and punching Rabbids as they appeared virtually in your living room.  He was joined by a second player in what looked like drop-in, drop-out gameplay.

Everyone wants to kick those Rabbids

Another feature demonstrated was how Kinect takes photos of the players during the game and then you have the option to share these on Facebook if that is your thing.

Remember to keep checking Platform Nation as we will be sure to bring you more news on Raving Rabbids as we get it.

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