E3 2011: Sony Announces Three Exclusive Offerings With EA Titles

While Sony took great pains to announce many new exclusives at their E3 conference, Sony has also announced exclusive content for three upcoming titles that were all featured in the earlier EA’s earlier E3 conference. The first of these titles is SSX, which will feature an exclusive map set on Mt. Fuji in Japan. This is a great homage to the blending of Japanese and American companies and shows that they are committed to working together in a symbolic sense.

The second is seven exclusive cars in Need for Speed: The Run, including the Bugatti Veyron, the most expensive modern car in the world priced at $1,900,000. The final announcement is a free copy of Battlefield 1943, a World War II Pacific Theater shooter, with purchase of Battlefield 3 for the PS3.

Overall, a great PR job from Sony to mollify some of the outrage over the PlayStation Network outage. I’m sure this will sell quite a few copies of these games to PlayStation users, particularly for Battlefield 3, which may have the chops to take on Modern Warfare 3 after it’s helluva showing.

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