E3 2011: Spider-Man Edge Of Time Screenshots And Trailer Released

Activision just released a trailer and a slew of screenshots for the upcoming Spider-Man Edge of Time, where everyone’s favorite webswinging hero Peter Parker and his 2099 counterpart Miguel O’Hara save each other across dimensions by stopping an evil 2099 scientist, being the only two Spider-man’s to be featured in this game. Eddie Brock’s current incarnation, Anti-Venom also plays a prominent role in the story, which for those unfamiliar with the somewhat convoluted Marvel mythos, is Eddie’s white blood cells merging with the traces of Venom symbiote left in his system.

Penned by comic book writer Peter David, (X-Factor, Young Justice) the latest Spider-Man title is supposed to be have its “narratively-driven ’cause-and-effect’ moments, uniquely utilizing ‘picture-in-picture’ moments where the actions of one Spider-Man have immediate effects on the other Spider-Man and his surroundings.” Couldn’t have said it better myself. Check below for the trailer and screenshots, which are developed by Beenox, the developer that has handeled Spider-Man for a while now.

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