E3 2011: New Xbox Dashboard Coming – Again

Microsoft once again is reinventing the Xbox 360 dashboard.  A “new Xbox experience” will be coming once again, and this time it is being optimized for Kinect.  Microsoft has just shown off the new dashboard at the E3 press conference and it promises a load of new features and new looks.

The new tagline is, “you are the controller”, and you will be taking the place of a plastic mold of buttons by speaking and gesturing to your Xbox (which many of you already do, but it yields little useful output). You will be able to speak all commands and use hand motions to navigate through the entire Xbox Dashboard. They are also expanding greatly on marketplace integration. Bing support will be coming to the console and through  a command such as “Xbox Bing Halo”, you will be shown every game, DLC, video and related material to your search.

Also coming is Youtube support, which will allow you to view and search for all your favorite videos right from your TV. Additionally Microsoft will be bringing a IPTV functionality (that they have had in Europe for a while) in an ever-increasing attempt to make the 360 your go to entertainment box.

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