POWER A Controllers At E3

Software isn’t the only thing being shown at E3 this year. POWER A has announced that they will be showing a variety of new controllers and licensed controllers as well as the return of some old favorites. For individuals who – such as myself – absolutely love the ability to customize your gaming experience with the option of utilizing a wide variety of different controllers, this is for you.

The first on the list comes straight from Batman: Arkham City. The Batarang controllers are not only cool from an aesthetic standpoint with their seven different LED options, but seem to be designed with playability in mind – at least for the Xbox 360. Admittedly, I’m a tad sketchy as to the design of the PS3 controller; the main difference seems to be the slant of the bumpers. With joysticks that are not symmetrical, I’m wondering how that will affect those who are used to the traditional PlayStation controllers.

Next up is the Air Flo controller. I was a huge fan of this controller back during the original Xbox days. Many a Halo were played with fans keeping my hands cool. The main issue I had with the Air Flo controllers back in the day has been fixed. It is no longer the bulking monstrosity that it once was, and now features a slimmer designed and is created with gameplay in mind. Once again, I’m concerned with how POWER A is designing its PS3 controllers, though I’m sure there will be a market for gamers looking for that type of design.

The return of my favorite style of controller, the Pro Mini controllers are designed for minimal distance between buttons and joysticks. For those of us who prefer a smaller controller, this is the way to go. Plus, with optional LED, how can you go wrong?

The Pro Pack Mini Plus for Wii seems to be an improvement on the original mini controllers for the Wii. POWER A has added motion technology and customizable button glow to the mix. These controllers are 20% smaller than your traditional Wii Remote.

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