Dead Island Release Date And E3 Trailer

On top of a release date, we also have a part 2 to the May trailer of Dead Island for your viewing pleasure. We have been informed that there are various cameos in this trailer of individuals who will be playable characters in the upcoming zombie survival game.

One of the most groundbreaking trailers in video game history was the debut of the Dead Island trailer. Since then, mixed reviews have surfaced due to the gameplay not exactly lining up what the trailers depicted. Regardless, Dead Island remains as one of the most popular upcoming titles, and now we have a release date. Dead Island will be released on September 6th in North America and September 9th anywhere else the game will be sold.

What are your thoughts on this upcoming zombie game? Is it something revolutionary? Or just another Dead Rising?

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  • Baatz_belmont

    Dead island is going to be what I have dreamed of for years. I have followed this game since 2004 and every new update is something even better. Open world zombie survival horror. Noone has made a game so simplistic in idea yet grand in scope.
    Dead Rising was a piece of junk and I am terribly offended when people compare the two. If anything this game is left 4 dead and borderlands mixed into a far more realistic setting of survival horror.
    This game is going to rock. This game has the potential to be game of the year.

  • Austin

    Dead rising was an Amazing game. I loved Left 4 dead aswell and I know I will love Dead Island I just hope its not too much like Borderlands.

  • Wantsomepeace

    do you guys notice that he goes from white to black over night? that most have been one hell of a party….

    • Steeley123

      In what part of this video is the dude white exactly?