E3 2011: Dust 514 Announced As A PlayStation Exclusive


CCP Games announced today that they will be bringing their upcoming MMOFPS, Dust 514, exclusively to the PlayStation 3. Dust 514 is set in the same world as CCP Games’s Eve Online. In a revolutionary attempt to link console and PC, Dust 514 will be operating in the same digital space as Eve Online, with actions of one game having consequences upon the other. Players of Dust 514 will use strategic decision-making as well as their FPS skills in order to attain dominance in a persistent FPS game. Interestingly enough, the game will also opt out of the subscription fee-based model and transition to a micro-transaction model. While there is still no word of a release date, we eagerly await hearing more from CCP Games regarding the features that this console-based shooter will offer.

DUST 514 has been built from the ground up to take advantage of the unique capabilities of the PlayStation platform. Digitally distributed, the full game download will be available through the PlayStation®Network (PSN). It will feature full support for PlayStation®Move controller and PlayStation®Move Sharp Shooter accessory, and over time will extend the game experience across the full PlayStation ecosystem to PlayStation®Home and PS Vita.

In a departure from the traditional subscription or one-time purchase model, DUST 514 will be supported by revenues from the in-game sale of virtual goods, allowing players to purchase advanced weaponry, battle gear and vehicles using both earned virtual currency and real money from their PlayStation wallet.

What do you hope to see from CCP Games this year?

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  • i hope this game is good, i love the EVE universe. 

  • i hope this game is good, i love the EVE universe.