E3 2011: PS Home E3 Virtual Booth

Wish you could be at E3? A lot of us do, but have no fear we are here to bring you some details how you can watch live footage from the E3 show floor, check out the newest PlayStation games and and get your hands on a ton of collectible content for free right from the comfort of your couch. All you have to do is log into PlayStation Home and you can begin your virtual tour.

Start your journey by getting an up-close look at the PS Vita and then proceed throughout the space to view trailers and collect rewards from some of the top PlayStation titles, including Twisted Metal, Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One, Papo + Yo, Resistance 3, and more! Collect all rewards to gain access to the special VIP area play the first level of Scribble Shooter – an upcoming top-down, shoot ‘em up game exclusive to PlayStation Home. As an added bonus, our friends over at Heavy Water have created a package for all VIPs that includes an array of limited edition virtual items.

In our special E3 Theater, you’ll find streaming video of live game demonstrations courtesy of the PlayStation.Blog team – so even if you couldn’t make it to the show you can still get a front row seat to all the action!

So head over to PlayStation Home and get your E3 fix!

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