E3 2011: Trials Evolution Announced!

Trials Evolution is a follow up to the great arcade game Trials HD that came out on XBLA only a couple of years ago. This motorbike based stunt game was a huge hit. And this time around it’s not just a sequel. Its the ultimate trials game. RedLynx have listened to our feedback and created their own vision of what a perfect trials game can be.

Very little else has been given about the game, a trailer has been released (below).

Trials HD is my favourite Xbox Live Arcade game, I’ve spent hundreds of hours playing it. Unlocked all the achievements. Designed plenty of tracks and devoted a small part of my life to it. You may be asking why? Trials HD just has that addicting quality to it. It’s an arcade game that sits on my games list and if I have 5 or 10 minutes spare then I always boot it up. I’m at the top of the friends leaderboards and at one point was 43 out of hundreds of thousands of people on the “Delivery” minigame (that is before people started finding glitches)

So in summary, Trials HD was awesome. Trials Evolution is going to be awesome. And you will be finding plenty of coverage from me on Platform Nation as we find more and more out about this game.

Trials Evolution is due in 2011. I would assume Summer of Arcade, but I really can’t wait that long to play this! Check out the trailer below.


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