E3 2011: Fractured Soul 3D Coming To 3DS

Fractured Soul 3D is being developed for 3DS and promises to bring a fast-paced action platform game to the handheld system. This brand new IP retains the strengths of the genre while bringing a unique twist with the ability to play across both screens at once. This unique feature means that you have to switch from screen to screen to interact with the game to do things like dodging bullets and outsmarting enemies, and it’s vital you master this skill to complete each level.

The story of Fractured Soul 3D brings players into the role of interplanetary rogue, Jake DeSaul. You have a strange and mysterious past and now it’s time to confront your demons to escape a deadly space station. Throughout the 20 brain bending platform levels in five unique worlds, you will encounter deadly challenges including inverted gravity and underwater levels.

Fractured Soul 3D is coming to Nintendo 3DS in Early 2012.

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