E3 2011: Monday & Tuesday

In continuing what will surely become the epic story of my E3 journey that I’ll one day tell my grandkids about, comes the first official ‘Day 1’ of the entertainment expo. To catch up, click here to read all about my pre-E3 fun (or headaches as I like to call them). I decided to skip right over Monday as it was full of conferences (Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and Sony) which were covered in greater detail than I could have done by our awesome P*N writers.

So after having two days of preparation and being able to mentally prepare myself for E3, I gotta tell ya, nothing in the world could have prepared me for the sensory overload I was about to experience. But first…

The bad luck I had experienced from Sunday, carried over into Monday and Tuesday morning. Not being able to enter any of the conferences (huge blow), gave me a full day off to spend thinking about my plan of attack the next day. Again, I headed down to the Los Angeles Convention Center just to plan out my route and get to know the building as best I could to prepare. I had a lot of appointments lined up for Tuesday and I didn’t want to be the schmuck who never showed. But there’s only so much walking back and forth in an empty hall full of crew guys setting up stuff you can do before you start coming off as a terrorist. So I retreated and hit the sheets early for my big day Tuesday.

After my E3 shuttle was 30 minutes late (and then took an hour and 20 minutes to actually get to the facility), I found myself waiting in a line for two hours as everyone anxiously waited to get in. My mistake was in thinking things kicked off at 10am. Turns out it was noon. Even worse, the internet in the building did not work at all for me, so there was no way of killing time. So, like any sensible person I just watched The Lord of the Rings: War In The North trailer that played on a huge screen behind me about 53 times in a row. And I said behind me, so when I say ‘watch,’ I mean listen. Not so exciting. It was at this time I was at my all time low. The  previous few days were a bust, and I wasn’t approved for the Nintendo conference that morning either. My expectations of my little trip to LA were quite negative. I wanted the state of California to refund my experience, time, and money.

Then the doors opened.

Noon on the dot, the doors flung open, the line moved inside immediately, and before I knew it I was in the Las Vegas of videogames. I felt like I was stuck inside a video game themed pinball machine. First, I checked out my map of the show floor and made sure I could find all of my upcoming appointments before I did anything. Once I had that down pat, it was like a fat ugly kid in a candy store. It was literally impossible to decide where to begin. There was no starting point. It was just utter glorious mayhem. Even the lame stuff looked cool. My brain couldn’t comprehend the situation. I was almost too scared to even touch, look, or do anything. So I started off snapping pictures and taking quick videos to get myself into things.

To the left of me was Hulk Hogan in the flesh doing interviews, to the right of me were the guys from G4 live on TV, behind me were booth babes trying to entice every passerby with their looks into thinking that looking at T-Mobile plans or trying on headphones was a better idea than playing the demos of Dead Island in front of me.

Not necessarily a booth babe

Before I knew it I was playing hands-on with some of the most talked about upcoming games. But I had to save most of that for later as I had hours of appointments to get to. What’s disgusting is as soon as my appointments started, they didn’t end. It was nonstop. No bathroom breaks, no breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Just fighting my way through thousands of people, clutching to my laptop bag with all my might (and using it as a battering ram against people shorter than I), and avoiding hundreds of temptations at every corner (Wii U anyone?). In what felt like 1 minute, 6 hours had passed, and the doors were closing for the day. I had managed to kill the entire day in virtually 1 booth out of thousands. I can’t imagine how anyone could even make a dent in E3 by themselves. It’s absolutely insane. My brain is still processing just all the cool stuff that it saw today.

There were a few games that stood out which I briefly looked at that I’d like to spend some time with tomorrow, like Dead Island and Gotham City Imposters. I had some eyes-on time with them both, and I will really dig into them tomorrow, but at the moment they don’t seem to be offering much besides more Left 4 Dead, and a run-of-the-mill multiplayer FPS. But, those were quick, harsh judgements based off of essentially nothing. I will spend some quality time with them and when I do you can be sure I’ll be flooding P*N with all of my impressions.

So stay tuned for some coverage of Dead Island, Tomb Raider, Skyrim, Hitman, FFXIII-2, Sonic Anniversary, Deux Ex Human Revolution, and much, much more.

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  • If you get a chance, please check out Battlefield 3 and UFC for me 🙂  I look forward to reading your other previews while you are at E3, have fun!

  • Oh, [email protected]:twitter  enjoy your breaks when you get them, like you said, they are few and far between.  My only breaks were the flight before and the flight after E3, the whole time there you have to run around everywhere, there is just so much going on.