E3 2011: Bobby Kotick Gets Turned Away From Playing Battlefield 3

I guess next time he better make an appointment. Sorry, I just think this was a little funny, but it really shouldn’t surprise anyone.  After all, Battlefield 3 is Call of Duty’s biggest competitor. And especially after this E3 so far, where we have seen some amazing gameplay videos from Battlefield 3.  There is no reason for them to even let Kotick near their game when you know in the end he will just try to talk crap about it; that’s just what he does. In an article over at CVG, they went on to say,

Our deepthroat tells us that the female assistant hopped to the front of the EA queue on Wednesday morning (08/06/11). The DICE-developed military title is only being shown behind closed doors in Los Angeles – and not on console.

Her request was reportedly stewed over for a minute in private, until an EA rep re-emerged on the public show floor. He then explained that senior management had been consulted about the Activision chief’s request, but that “it would not be possible”.

Kotick’s company is showing off BF3 competitor Modern Warfare 3 at E3 – a presentation which is also invite-only.

We’re told by our witness that Kotick’s PA put up a small conversational fight before walking away. She did not look in a good mood.

Anyways, great job EA.  There is no need to let Kotick near Battlefield, you know as well as everyone else that he would have just ran his mouth.

via CVG

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  • thx

    I love this. EA basically saying “Suck it” to Activision. I see this as a taste of your own medicine type of ordeal. Kotick badmouths Battlefield 3, EA denies him Battlefield 3 access. Perfect.

  • I really don’t like Activision at all. Such a poorly run company imo. 

  • Nobody

    This is fabricated bullshit.  When did this site become a rumor monger?

  • Anonymous

    even the head of activision thinks bf3 is better and codmw3 suks lol…..:)

  • Helloandroid

    About time someone deny that **** head…BF3 is my new gun of choice

  • Muz

    Ha ha I love it!  BF3 pre-ordered about 3 months ago as I know Dice & EA will do a grand job with this title.  BFBC2 is probably the best online multiplayer experience I have ever had!  Props & respect. 🙂