E3 2011: Gameplay Trailer For Defenders Of Ardania

Defenders of Ardania, the upcoming tower defense game currently in development for PC, consoles, and tablets, is slated for release Q3, and there is a new gameplay trailer for us to take a look at. As you will see when viewing the trailer below, this is a next-generation tower defense game with a twist.

Defenders of Ardania is set in the rich fantasy world of Majesty, and besides the addictive core mechanics of placing towers to stop advancing enemy units, Defenders of Ardania also allows players to take on the role of attacker and defender simultaneously, giving us a challenge we have never seen before.

Here are some of the features for the upcoming Defenders of Ardania:

– An intriguing new take on the massively popular tower defense genre: players lead both offensive and defensive operations
– Ardania: the world of Majesty with three playable races and their unique environments
– Defense: 24 different upgradeable towers to erect against the invading enemy
– Attack: 24 varied units with diverse attributes to assemble into an offensive force
– Strong multiplayer component with a variety of game modes for up to four players
– Interactive environment that affects gameplay
– A wide range of offensive and defensive spells

For more information be sure to check their web page, and don’t forget to follow Defenders of Ardania on Facebook and Twitter for up to the minute updates.

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