Top Hack Exposes Game Developers Email Addresses

On June 6th, online hacker group LulzSec once again compromised Sony’s security, and gained access to source code and data from their site, The website is set up to provide information and support for Sony’s Developer Network and allow developers to apply for one of Sony’s platforms.  I took some time and weeded through the information looking for anything that stood out. In a folder named “gdc” was a two part guest list for a Sony party held at GDC 2007 (Game Developer’s Conference). Inside the lists are the names, companies, and emails of roughly 595 game developers, executives and journalists. A few entries are journalists from sites such as, but the vast majority are employees and developers from most major video game companies.

The file also had categories for Address, City, State and Zip though they were empty. The data is from 2007, so its dated, and some of the developers are no longer with the same companies, but a large amount seem to still be accurate. Entries like Will Wright’s email at Maxis are no longer valid, but notable developers such as iD’s John Carmack,  Gas Powered Games’s Chris Taylor, and Epic’s Cliff Bleszinski seem current.  These developer’s emails are usually not publicly available, but have now been exposed due to another lapse in Sony’s security.  Below is a screenshot from the list:

Game Developers such as Randy Pitchford and Bioware CEO Ray Muzyka were exposed after Sony's Development Website was hacked



Other information I have found in the leak include pricing sheets and order forms for Playstation 3 and PSP Reference Kits, which are developer units. The PS3 dev tool in 2007 cost 1.9JPY million, and a PSP cost 500,000JPY (about $16000 and $4000 USD respectively – Note that current prices on those units are now different). Less interesting information, such as style guidelines on Sony logo usage and employee pictures, are also included among the hundreds of compromised files.

Download the files from Lulz Security’s Releases page.

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  • Danielseanobrien

    i realize this is leaked information, and once it’s out there, you can’t kill it.

    but, you’re kinda being part of the problem by not only posting screenshots, but, also encouraging people to download the files.

    it’s not like this hack / leak is *good* news.