Steam Sale: Civilization IV $4.99

Civilization IV is currently on sale over at Steam for the low price of $4.99, and for that price, it’s a steal! If you have never played any Civilization game, you really don’t know what you are missing. From starting off with just a single settler and a single military unit, you colonize the Earth and start your own civilization. The game, and the series for that matter, is one of my favorite PC games ever and one that I can also go back to at any time to enjoy a full day of gaming. From starting new cites, to researching technologies, to building wonders of the world, it’s all there and it’s all fun. Be sure to do yourself a huge favor: if you don’t own the game, head on over to Steam right now and snatch it up for the awesome price of $4.99! This, by the way, is a today only deal, so don’t forget.

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  • Asdasd

    How to get this deal. It is showing $25