3DS Internet Bummer

The Nintendo 3DS eShop launched a few days ago and with it the 3DS internet browser. Surfing the net on your 3DS, pretty cool right? Mmmm, not really.

Surfing the internet on the 3DS is cumbersome and time consuming. The device works on wi-fi, and even with a strong connection, still takes longer than I’d like to pull up websites (seconds longer than my iPhone on 3G for some sites). Mobile sites, which are websites optimized for mobile devices to decrease load times, are not compatible with the 3DS internet browser and as a result you need to constantly zoom in on text to view websites effectively.

There are a few nice features though. The user interface is friendly enough, the analog sitck can be used to scroll the page and the d-pad easily highlights links, of course everything can be done with the stylus as well. The browser is multitask enabled so you can seamlessly go from gaming to checking Twitter (my favorite feature). Found some pictures you like online? Save them directly to the SD card and upload them to your computer to enjoy later.

There are a few 3D enabled websites that are preloaded into the bookmarks, but for the most part the sites simply showcase a few 3D images. As of yet there hasn’t been any creative 3D integration.

All in all, the 3DS internet browser is just “there”, a novelty, just in case you ever wanted it. It’s not a browser that will replace your smart phone’s or laptop’s, and if I’m at home, I’d just as soon get up off the couch and turn on my desktop PC before I used the 3DS browser to do any web surfing, casual or otherwise.

The tech is all pretty new, so perhaps down the road we may see some mobile site support and a few upgrades. Until then I don’t see the browser on my 3DS getting much use, if any.

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  • Anonymous

    Mobile twitter and flickr are very much compatible with the 3DS. Problem is it doesn’t tell anyone it’s a browser on a mobile / handheld device so you have to enter the URLs manually.

    It’s a shame it’s so hobbled because the 3DS could be the go to device, but like you say, I’ll still be whipping out my iPhone for using the interwebs,

    • Zenophor

      I tried inputting a few  mobile sites manually (since the 3DS won’t automatically redirect). The few I tried came back with nothing. It’s nice to know that a few work. Thanks for that info.

      If anyone else can find any other mobile sites that work with the 3DS please feel free to post them in the comments here.

  • Lalq

    waste of time. will not be using it ever again

  • [email protected]:twitter , do you know what user client the 3ds uses?  I’d like to help make P*N mobile for it.  Thanks.

    • Anonymous

      Mozilla/5.0 (Nintendo 3DS; U; ; en) Version/1.7412.US

      • is P*N showing a mobile version for you?  I want to make sure we are helping out 3DS owners out there.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry, no dice.

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  • Anyone want to check to see if P*N loads with a mobile version?

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  • Euan

    i think its pretty good,
    but’ll be better if it had google chrome :L

  • Anonymous

    The ability to open the browser from a game is very cool, shame they havent improved it much. It seems like a very good control scheme for a browser