See Kinect With Ghost Recon: Future Soldier


I saw this video today, and I’m not sure what I really think. The video shows how you will be able to use Kinect with Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’s Gunsmith. The Gunsmith part itself seemed pretty cool: particularly the full breakdown of the weapons, the customizations and the target practice. All of that seemed pretty nice, but once it came to using Kinect to fire your weapon and such, not only did I lose interest, I was turned completely off by this idea. The idea of shooting by opening and closing your hands (it looked like to zoom you would pull something down), that’s just not for me at all. Am I alone in this? Do you guys and gals feel the same as myself?


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  • Anonymous

    I’m fine with it. Sure, putting your fingers on an invisible trigger would seem best, but this is a step in the right direction for Kinect. We finally get to see a shooter being used. With these controls, so far the aiming looks fluent (hard to tell for sure in combat and turning quickly) and shooting by opening your hands works well for detection and again, is fast. Next, we need to see how they will work out movement. They could have you walk in place and use a combination of your hand and head tracking for looking around and aiming. It can work. Or, what they should do is introduce a controller or navigator type device similar to the Move and start pushing hybrid control. It is a must. They need to stop pushing voice commands. Kinect is capable of so much more but for whatever reason they don’t want us to do anything but “on rail shooter” clones or casual games. I’m fine with casual games, but with this finally being shown, it’s time to step forward and show us more which in my opinion is hybrid controls.