Win A Wii U!

You have probably heard about the Wii U by now and if you haven’t be sure to check out Platform Nation’s Ultimate Coverage Of The Wii U to get yourself up to speed. Now that you know what the Wii U is and we have your interest, how do you go about winning your own Wii U? Well it is easy, as Raptr is giving away over $25,000 in prizes over the next 3 months for their Summer of Raptr Promotion and the Wii U is one of those prizes. All you have to do is follow the Wii U wall on Raptr and that is it, you are now entered to win a Wii U. But don’t go just yet as we have some more giveaway information for you to take a look at and they are as easy as following a wall on Raptr.

For your chance to win one of three iPod Touches follow Faxion’s wall.

How interested are you in winning one of three Astro A40’s sound? Sounds good to me, just follow the Astro wall to be entered to win one of the Astro prize packs.

Now Platform Nation is not giving anything away on Raptr just yet, and as faithful readers and community member’s we know you are already following our wall on Raptr.

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