Is LulzSec Preparing To Hack/Attack Bethesda Softworks?

Well if you read the above tweet, it’s really looking like something is about to happen. And then LulzSec followed it up with this:

I tell you what, I’d be a little worried right now if I was Bethesda, because LulzSec seems to be able to do what they want over the internet, and I would hate to be in their sights. This is the same group that just recently hacked Nintedo, Sony Pictures, PBS and many more. And of course, this is just a days after we just posted about Epic Games, Codemasters, and getting hacked. We will keep an eye out for any new information, and you might want to keep an eye out as well, because the attacks these days are no joke, especially if they have any of your private information on the servers getting hacked.

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  • VTranslanka

    Wow, they hacked PBS?…even hackers of this gen are just angry d-bags raging at nothing…..