Next Alan Wake Game Not Yet Signed With Microsoft Studios

Since the beginning of May, when we reported that a new game set in the Alan Wake universe was coming along, but not in any form (sequel or DLC) we’d expect, speculation has run rampant. With the closing of the biggest gaming convention of the year, where it was easy to assume we may get some hint as to the franchise’s continuation, Remedy has left us out in the cold. Joystiq caught up with Microsoft Studios chief, Phil Spencer, and got a few comments from him:

“I read that,” Spencer said, laughing about the news. “I don’t know that they’ve signed it with anybody.”

Spencer told Joystiq that the original Wake didn’t sell as many copies and as well as they would have liked, but admitted that he would still like to work with Remedy:

“I’d love to work with Remedy again,” he told us. “We have ongoing conversations with them.”

Spencer believes that the team is keeping the game under wraps for now, making it as polished as possible and keeping it a secret until they are ready:

“I think the stuff they’re doing now they wanted to incubate, Mattias and the team,” Spencer said. “They wanted to incubate internally. Like I said, I don’t think they’ve signed it with anybody.”

I would be willing to play any form of a sequel, or prequel, or whatever, in the Alan Wake universe (yeah, even that rumored Kinect spin-off). The original’s underperformance at launch (and beyond) may cause skepticism about Microsoft signing to another Wake game, but I think we’ll see Alan again, be it in XBLA or otherwise. But with this news, it may be further down the road than we hoped.


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