What Did YOU Think Was The Best Of E3 2011?

E3 is over. What many see as the most hectic week in gaming has finally come to an end, and that leaves us with one thing left to do…talk about it! So much happened at E3, it is difficult to put into perspective. Wii U, PS Vita, BioShock Infinite. If I had the cash, I would probably buy 90% of what I saw.

The thing is, I don’t have the cash, and you probably don’t either. Our financial constraints force us to judge what we saw. That leads us to The Vote–What did you think was the Best of E3? It may be an impossible questions, so I thought it was reasonable to allow two votes.

What do I think? I thought the first BioShock was an incredible game and BioShock 2 was kind of a let down. It looks like big things are in the works for the third installment, so I’ll probably Day 1 purchase BioShock Infinite.

My second vote goes to Gears of War 3. Very few shooters have a storyline, let alone a good one. The coop gameplay was also well done in the first two and I have a trigger-happy roommate who can’t wait to get his hands on this.

Sesame Street comes in at a distant eighth for me, but I know we have some rebels out there.

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  • Anonymous

    Battlefield 3?

    Hello, anybody home?

  • Bob2

    Terrible poll. No Skyrim.

  • Oluzardo

    Wii U comooooonnnnnnnn

  • I agree, no Skyrim! Booo. :p

  • mb

    Lol its funny how some websites aren’t posting Skyrim and then people get mad in the comments. The choices on this website suck ass.

  • Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 3 are my picks