E3 2011: Eyes-On: Assassin’s Creed Revelations

I don’t know how this franchise does it, but every installment impresses me and somehow looks cooler than the last. I’m very hard to impress, especially with sequels, but Ubi seems to have done it again.

A representative from Ubisoft walked through some of the key components and a few of the new features in the game. I’ve been posting off-screen videos of a lot of games on my Facebook (feel free to add me), including some from Assassin’s Creed. I witnessed the “bomb-crafting,” where players can create their own types of bombs and explosives. Looks really cool. In the demo, we saw Ezio throw a type of concussion grenade and take out 3 guards at once, sending them a few feet in the air in every direction. You can also now use your improved Eagle Sense after tossing smoke grenades, and the guards will be highlighted in the smoke so you can easily assassinate them while they’re blinded. After running past them, Ezio digs his all-new hook blade into some enemies and shows off some really cool attack animations, and even some traversal maneuvers later in the demo.

Again, impressed as always. This title seems to be including a much more cinematic/gameplay blend than previous titles (sort of like the beginning to Brotherhood); as Ezio runs from ship to ship, he eventually sets a good chunk of the harbor up in flames.

The representative also made mention of the Assassins of Constantinople. They work just like the assassins you’d recruit in Brotherhood. He didn’t mention if they’d be able to aid you any differently this time or not.

The video demo stuck closely to the single player campaign,while the playable portion was strictly multiplayer. In the demo, the older (and bearded) Ezio was trying to track down the head assassin of Constantinople to help him flee. It ended with a cool, fiery climax. After the demo finished, the representative said he wanted to tease us with a new element of the game, and I can’t remember what he said, but it was along the lines of Ezio being able to unlock some visions of the past. He flashed a very quick image on the screen, and then the screen snapped to black. He laughed and said, “When I said teaser, I meant it.” The image on-screen was a green hill and a rock structure, from what I was able to tell from the small glimpse. What does this mean? I guess we’ll find out this fall.

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