Hackers Strike Again! The Next Target… Bethesda

In hacker’s latest attack against the gaming community, which at this point is as common of an occurrence as eating lunch, hackers have targeted Bethesda, who are hard at work on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Someone most be angry at taking away the classes present in Oblivion or the implementation of dual wield, as Bethesda’s website has been hacked

According to the official Bethesda blog:

If your username/email address/password is similar to what you use on other sites, we recommend changing the password at those sites as well. As we don’t know what further plans the hackers may have, we suggest that you keep an eye out for suspicious emails and account activity.

Whether it was these Lulzsec characters or not, someone really needs to get a hobby that doesn’t harm people. Maybe take up woodworking? Or underwater basketweaving? Just a thought.

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