Beyond Good & Evil 2 Still In Development

In 2003 Beyond Good & Evil was released on the PlayStation 2, Gamecube, Xbox and PC. It was the brainchild of Michel Ancel,who is better known as the creator of the Rayman series and was originally intended to be the first part of a trilogy. Sadly despite critical approval it suffered from lackluster sales and parts 2 & 3 were assumed to be forgotten. That was until E3 2008 when Ubisoft announced that Beyond Good & Evil 2 was actually in development and offered a short trailer as proof. After that things went quiet again with little information being shared with the gaming public. This year, fans hopes of a sequel were improved when an HD Remake was released on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation network.

At E3 this year there was no official announcement or new footage released but when asked by CVG staff Ancel promised that he still has lot’s of ideas for the sequel and that some parts were even complete.

It’s not all good news though as it has been suggested after an interview with Joystiq that it will not be released until the Next generation of consoles.

“With this kind of game, we can do prototypes on very high-end PCs and we can really try to play in the kind of future-console style hardware. So, it’s just a question of saying, ‘Okay, do we cut everything and rebuild to these consoles, or do we try to move forward?'”

My personal opinion?

I loved Beyond Good and Evil when it was first released and love the HD remake that came out earlier this year and while I’m thrilled that 2 is in development I have concerns that Michel Ancel is still talking about the “ideas” he has for it. Surely after 3 years development we should be passed the ideas stage and into the programming and implementation of it at which point adding new ideas is into the mix may not a good thing. If a next gen release is on the cards then I hope they use the time until the rumoured 2014/2015 release date for the PS4 and the Xbox 720 wisely to make a brilliant launch title.

Via CVG, Joystiq

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