Duke Nukem Forever: Now Available!

The impossible has come to pass ladies and gentlemen. Duke Nukem Forever is now available in stores as of today!
The history of Duke Nukem Forever is a long standing joke in the community of gamers, and it would seem, as of today, that pigs have learned to fly.
The game was originally announced back in 1997, and after a legendary set of failures and setbacks, was declared dead by the community and faded out of the spotlight, until 2K studios officially announced that the software was in development by Gearbox studios. The new release date was set for May 3rd for North America, with an international release on May 6th. Once again, the release date was pushed back, until June, but as of today, Duke Nukem Forever has hit shelves.
Here is the official statement from the 2K press release:

June 14 in North America will forever be celebrated as the day that the legendary Duke Nukem Forever went from video game folklore to earth-shattering reality,” said Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K. “For 15 years fans have waited in limbo just yearning to hear those two little lovely words strung together – Now Available. Today, the acronym ‘DNF’ changes its meaning to a ‘Day to Never Forget’. I am proud to announce that the wait is finally over and that Duke Nukem Forever is truly Now Available.

The game has finally been released, now the outstanding question. Is it any good? It would be a shame after all this time for the game to be a disappointment, however, popular vote would seem to be leaning in that direction. I for one plan to draw my own conclusions after I have completed it, but please check out what the rest of Platform Nation has to say on that topic.

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