E3 2011: Memorex Unveils Family Friendly Gaming Accessories

At E3 2011, where high-action shooters and scantly clad booth babes line the aisles, it would be easy to miss a booth or press release focused on Family-Friendly gaming.  Now that the big announcements and hype are out of the way, here are some new Memorex products worth having a look at.

“From the latest in motion controllers and racing wheels to cutting-edge chargers and cases, Memorex is helping families enhance their gaming experience with user-inspired products at a price that won’t hurt the pocketbook,” said Erica Danielski, Memorex global brand manager. “Whether your family members are gaming gurus or new to the gaming arena, Memorex gaming accessories enhance at-home or on-the-go family gaming experiences and help create memorable WeTime family moments.”

While the “WeeTime” message might be lost on some of us, getting sick gaming gear for great prices is certainly something of interest to me.

Here’s the new product roll-out:

With its rubberized grips and concave buttons, the Memorex Motion Gaming Controller for PlayStation® 3 is fully compatible with PlayStation Move™ games and allows for a full range of motion, giving gamers the most comfortable, realistic gaming experience possible.  Featuring a high-gloss black finish and cool blue LEDs to help you game in style, the Motion Gaming Controller makes it easy for every member of the family to play. MSRP: $39.99

The ideal companion to the Motion Gaming Controller, the Sidekick Gaming Controller for PlayStation® 3 is a must-have for family gaming. Featuring cool blue LEDs, rubberized grips, concave buttons, a 360-degree directional pad and a high-gloss black finish, the Sidekick Gaming Controller offers a significant range of motion and hours of fun for family gamers.  MSRP: $19.99

The Memorex Universal Game Selector Case for Nintendo® DS™ is compatible with all Nintendo DS consoles and helps families avoid losing their games while making it easy to switch between titles. The innovative design enables players to store and switch between up to three games without removing the cartridges from the storage compartment. Powered by the console with no batteries needed, this product provides a true plug and play experience. MSRP: $19.99

One of the lightest standard size controllers in the marketplace, the Memorex Game Controller Plus for Nintendo® Wii™ features integrated MotionPlus™ technology without the need for an adaptor. Ergonomically designed, the controller’s perforated grips and rubberized 360-degree directional pad allow for a more comfortable and responsive gaming experience, while LED backlighting and stylish colors add a modern touch. Available in black, metallic pink and metallic blue.  MSRP $29.99

The Memorex Wireless Sidekick Gaming Controller for Nintendo® Wii™ features an integrated rechargeable battery and provides a fully wireless gaming experience with any Nintendo Wii game requiring a Nunchuk™. Ergonomic grips add comfort to the gaming experience, while LED backlighting adds an element of style. Available in black, metallic pink and metallic blue.  MSRP $24.99

For additional information, visit the Memorex website or Facebook Fan Page.


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