LulzSec Continues Onslaught of Hacks – EVE Online, Minecraft, And Others Are Latest Victims

Recently it seems like everyone has been getting hacked – first it was the massive hack of PSN and Sony’s sites,  then Nintendo, PBS, Epic Games, Codemasters… the list goes on and on. LulzSec, the group responsible for some of the recent hacks, has some new victims to add to their list.

LulzSec, who is becoming quite infamous, has declared today Titanic Takeover Tuesday. They started out by taking down Escapist Magazine’s website (which you probably know about because of Yahtzee’s Zero Punctuation reviews), then they took down CCP’s MMO Eve Online – taking their only server down and their website.  CCP has turned all their systems off to prevent hacking, and have reported that personal data is safe (for now).  Next they struck the very popular Minecraft, preventing players from signing in and playing, and then did the same to League of Legends.

They also took down a company called FinFisher in between because they supply “monitoring software to the government”. They also took some time to call out the /b/ board users at 4Chan, who recently decided to try to hunt down LulzSec, denouncing them as “furries”. This is the latest strike against the video game industry, one that hopefully will end soon.


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  • Tjforste70

    I think its a conspiracy, first they take down my Eve online, so i turn to Minecraft and cant play that….

  • Jimbo

    Why are they doing this? I understood the Sony one, but are they getting payback for something? What on earth have CCP, Minecraft and others done to deserve this?