PlayStation CEO Apparently Cool With Hacking

Although Sony is notoriously known for being anti-hacking, modding, or anything of that sort, Sony CEO Jack Tretton is apparently okay with this sort of thing. At least, he stated this in an interview with The New York Times:

“No, there’s a real misnomer there, we embrace independent game development,” he said, “If you call that hacking, then we embrace that. We give people tools that let them create new experiences. What I don’t think we are in support of is someone trying to hack our device to pirate software and possibly collapse the platform.”

This is an odd statement, given that Sony regularly releases updates that disallow PlayStation owners to use hacks or mods. Maybe this statement will change some of Sony’s position regarding this sort of thing, but realistically, probably not.

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  • That’s funny, I just finished reading about this.  I really think that’s great that they say this but I’d like to see them support their feelings with actual actions.  I’m all for modding and hacking of my devices.  I understand the piracy fear and I have no problems at all with their anti-piracy measures but at the same time, all of their anti-piracy measures have also been anti-modding.

  • console_gamer

    I wouldn’t say sony was “notoriously” known for being anti-hacking. Its the only console that allowed me to dual-boot into a linux OS (until people abused that freedom) Then we were allowed to make custom firmware (until people abused that freedom)… I would say Sony has been very easygoing when it comes to my console. 

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