A Simple Question: Duke Nukem Forever (Revisited)

With the release of Duke Nukem Forever, for better or worse according to many reviews, the end of a long chapter in Duke’s history has been reached.  While I have no doubts that Gearbox was thinking of the NEXT Duke game when they picked up the franchise to release Forever, it still begs the question:

Will you (or did you) buy Duke Nukem Forever at full price?

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I have to say that I was disappointed when I found out the game would be releasing for $60.  I genuinely thought that had the game been priced at $40, it would have been an acknowledgement of “Hey, we know this game isn’t exactly current gen, but we wanted to pay homage, and give gamers a chance to play Duke.”  Yes, I know that’s a long acknowledgement.  As it is, it will be discarded by many as an overpriced and outdated game.  So at $60, I’ll have to say I will not be buying Duke Nukem Forever.  Once it hits the bargain bins, though, I’m all over it.

What do you think? Vote up above, and throw some comments in below to give more insight.

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  • Anonymous

    The demo just let me know to stay away. I wont buy the game at any price, its not very good at all. I thought it would be good, i had very high hopes… it dosent even accomplish mindless fun shooting unfortunately.

  • I think it’s a perfect bargain bin game.