E3 2011 Quickies: Hands-On: RAGE

I’ve decided to start a thing called ‘E3 Quickies’ for all of the games that I was only given a short time with. Please keep in mind all of these opinions are based on very brief hands-on time with the title and the judgements will be very rash, and based mostly on quick observations and assumptions.


After an in-depth walk-through of Skyrim, I got the chance to get my hands on RAGE at Bethesda’s tightly guarded booth at E3 (Which I have to say is shaping up to be one of the more impressive studios at E3 this year). While this game wasn’t really on my radar, I can safely say it is now.

At first everyone was only talking about how great it looked, and personally visuals only go so far for my overall enjoyment of a game. Thankfully, RAGE looks like it’s going to offer a lot more than just -what some people are calling- more Fallout. While they’re similarities in setting, the feel and gameplay is entirely different. It has a more accessible, or arcade feel to it compared to Fallout, and the fantastic visuals only compliment everything else.

The game feels very polished as soon as you pick up the controller. Sadly, I missed the intro to the demo so when I jumped in I really had no idea what my objective was, so instead I got used to the controls and tried to explore some of the area. I eventually made my way to an ATV and was able to drive around and soak in some of the apocalyptic views that RAGE has to offer. I then stumbled into a city (the one you’ve seen already in videos if you’ve been following the game at all). I talked to a few people, and just for fun tried to shoot one of the store owners and was disappointed when nothing happened at all. No dialogue response from the NPC, or even a physical reaction. Kinda lame. I didn’t get a chance to test out any of the combat, but if this game ends up with a decent story, and fun combat, I could see it being a pretty solid title that I’ll enjoy.

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