Free Game Friday: QWOP

Welcome back to Free Game Friday, your weekly source for quality gaming entertainment that’s worth 10 times the price. Last week, we shared Daggerfall, a classic rpg game with memorable characters, epic quests, and an immersive world.  Today, we give you QWOP, which promises to be the most entertaining and confusing 3 minutes of your day.

In QWOP you are Qwop, the only hope for a tiny nation for Olympic Gold. Can you finish the 100 yard dash? Can you beat my high score of 8.5 meters? Can you resist the urge to swear at your monitor? If not, don’t let failure get you down. Just remember, everyone is a winner.

That’s it really. We wish there was more to say about QWOP, but it’s not the kind of game you talk about. It’s the kind of game you play and say to yourself ‘What the hell am I doing?’. Go check it out, and see for yourself. Don’t forget to check out the other fun games on the site while you’re at it. They’re also free.

What do you think of this week’s Free Game Friday? Do you like it? Loathe it? Do you have a suggestion for next week’s free game? Tell us in the forums!

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