Studying A Generation Part 1

As we enter the golden years of the current-gen consoles, it’s interesting to take a look back.

I recently came into a few bucks, and decided it was far past time to pick up a PS3. Along with the system, I was able to get a handful of games dirt cheap (both Uncharted’s, Heavy Rain, MGS 4, Killzone 2). As I face down diving into all these titles, I realize that what I’ll be doing is looking at the life of a system in hindsight.

Titles that many others have played through years ago, I’ll just be experiencing for the first time.

In the interest of increasing my monthly output here at P*N (life got in the way a little there), I thought a new series of articles looking over the seminal releases of a system’s lifespan, through a literal pair of fresh eyes, might make for interesting reading. At the very least it might encourage you to pick them up, if you haven’t done so already. Like myself.

So, over the coming weeks, check back here for my thoughts on a few titles you may not have paid much mind to in a year or two (or three… or four). I’ll be starting with the titles I listed above, and work my way through whatever else falls into my lap. If the series proves a success, I may even go back and dust off a few titles on my 360 shelf.

More to come. Watch this space.

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