Torchlight II: Prepare For Epic Time Suck

I’m just now catching up on all the time I lost playing the XBLA port of Torchlight and pretty soon all that catching up will have been for not with the release of Torchlight II on the PC sometime later this year. At least this time around I won’t have to be a shut-in, drinking Mt. Dew and eating Funyuns by myself. I’ll be able to avoid sunlight with all my friends with the introduction of co-op. Many fans of the original game said the one major fault was no co-op support. The fans spoke and Runic Games listened.

Co-op isn’t the only new feature to look forward to in Torchlight II. There will be new character classes, new enemies, and we’re no longer limited to the town of  Torchlight. We’ll see three new regions introduced and each will have day/night cycles and random weather effects.

The game will feature three major acts with more dungeon crawling in each act than we had in the entirety of the first game. In other words, it’ll have enough gameplay to hold you over until Diablo III releases.

Torchlight II seems to be better than the original in every way and Runic Games has included all the improvements fans wanted to see in a sequel. There’s no doubt I’ll be sinking many hours into this game and I’ll be loving every minute of it.

We’re hoping for a July release, but nothing at this point has been confirmed.

To get all the latest news and info check out the official Torchlight II website.

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