2 Games For $50 At Toys R Us

I just seen this deal and had to pass it along to the Platform Nation Community.  As you can see by the picture above you can score 2 games for $50!  Now these aren’t last year’s games or games you would expect for $25 as seeing F.3.A.R is one of those titles and it doesn’t come out until this Tuesday.  This deal is better than a buy one get one free offer and if you were going to pick up F.3.A.R you might as well take advantage of this deal and score another game and still save $10 if you were going to pick up F.3.A.R by itself.

Here is the link to checkout the deal for yourself and if I didn’t have any of these titles already, I would combo it with F.3.A.R and save some cash.


Source 360-Deals

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  • Rokyracoon68

    Very good deal. I wasn’t planning on getting F.3.A.R, but I did want Portal 2, so I will definitely be taking advantage of this deal.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t seem like the promotion is still in effect. Its been removed from the site and there is nothing stating that it is still going on.