League Of Legends $100,000 Championship Is Here!

Day 2 of the Dreamhack 2011 Season One Championship is underway! League of Legends, a free to play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, is giving $50,000 to the winning team out of the total $100,000 purse. 5-man teams from Europe, North America, and Asia have converged on Jönköping, Sweden.

I have been playing WAY too much LoL lately (who wouldn’t–it’s free!). For those of you who haven’t tried it yet–there is a learning curve, but don’t be discouraged if you struggle early. The matchmaking places you against other players around your skill based on Summoner Level and your Elo Rating. There are dozens of champions to choose from, so every game seems different from the last.

Whether you are a newcomer or seasoned vet, the pros play on a whole different level. Fortunately, you can get tuned in to their winning strategies and tactics by visiting the Season One Championship website:

They are live streaming from Dreamhack and doing live play-by-play for each game at

Honestly, I am impressed with what they have going on here. Two guys from Riot are doing legitimate broadcasting of the event. Back-and-forth banter, predictions, champion ban and pick analysis, and in-game viewing. It’s pretty cool to see how the best teams play the game.

Yesterday, they had a peak viewership of 188,000. As the event moves after the group stage, I expect that number to grow. Go watch a game now!

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