Mortal Kombat Season Pass Announced

Seems like buying a “Pass” for upcoming and released DLC is the way to go anymore as Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios have announced the Season Pass for Mortal Kombat. The Season Pass is available right now for purchase through Xbox LIVE for 1200 MSP.  Here is a little more about the Season Pass.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios are excited to announce the Mortal Kombat Season Pass which will offer Mortal Kombat fans an added incentive to buy all four new Add-on warriors at one time for a reduced price instead of when purchasing them individually. The first Mortal Kombat downloadable warrior, Skarlet, will be available for download starting June 21st and will be followed by Kenshi, Rain, and an unannounced new entrant to the Mortal Kombat tournament! Each warrior will come with a full move set, a ladder arcade story ending and two fatalities.

Available for purchase now, the Mortal Kombat Season Pass will allow users to buy all four downloadable warriors as a package for 1200 Microsoft points. Each individual warrior can be purchased when they release for 400 Microsoft points. Each warrior will become unlocked for download as they become available throughout the summer.

Further, in order to allow for seamless online play with the new downloadable warriors, free compatibility packs will be required to download with the release of each new warrior. As an added incentive, each compatibility pack will come with two FREE klassic skins – the first of which are being released with Skarlet will be Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 inspired Cyrax and Sektor. Gamers who purchase the Mortal Kombat Season Pass (or individual Add-on content) will automatically get the free klassic skins when they download each warrior. Those who do not purchase the Mortal Kombat Season Pass or the Add-ons, will be able to download the compatibility packs for free and have access to the klassic skins as well.

If you remember Rockstar announced the Rockstar Pass a few weeks ago that gave us access to released and upcoming DLC for L.A. Noire for a reduced price than if we were to purchase all the DLC alone. This brings me to a question, is this a good way of getting us to buy the DLC for our favorite games or is just another way to get our hard earned money by nickel and diming us to death. Let us know what you think.

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  • If you’re a big fan of the game and you’re interested in the content promised and you are saving money by buying it in advance, how is that “nickel and diming you to death”? 

    Say, do you like [insert professional sport here]? Wanna buy a few tickets to see the team play? Well, how about buying a package of tickets for specific games in advance, as a package, for a little less cash — or better still, season tickets that let you choose your seat in advance and get discounts on food that you were going to buy anyway? Well, even if you’re still going to be interested in [professional sport] in six months, don’t do that — apparently, you’re being nickel and dimed to death. And you thought you were just saving money, or being respected as a loyal customer!C’mon. If you want what they’re selling, you’re going to consider it as an option and weigh its potential value against your potential interest. If you don’t want the content, you’re going to skip it altogether, and no price break is going to make you buy it incrementally at a higher price. Deals like this are the *opposite* of nickel and diming you to death. 

    Let’s retire that cliche for what it is — emotional and irrelevant. 

    • Hey Dan,
      Great point, but my point is when a $60 game comes out we are hit with DLC right away and let’s face some of the DLC offered should have been in the game to begin with.  So my nickel and diming us to death I feel is relevant when it comes to video games and buying tickets to my favorite sports venue I think is a little different than DLC as buying a package of tickets or season passes is a little more than nickel and diming savings.

      I do understand where you are coming from but how frustrating is it when you buy a game when it is released and 2 weeks later DLC is released than the Game of the Year Edition (with all the DLC and not 2 weeks later) is released at the same price you paid day one and has all the DLC included.  I have done this numerous times where the final cost of the game is $70-$80 and if I just would have held out for GotY Edition I could have saved some cash.  Now this wouldn’t apply to Multiplayer games for obvious reasons (people may not be playing in a years time) but single player only games, hold out save some cash even if the package is at a reduced price saving you money because is it saving you money in the end when the GotY hits the store shelves for the same price you paid for the game alone.

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  • Dick

    To the fans who HAD to have the game immediately though, full retail was worth it even if we have to shell out more for the dlc. Dont get me wrong, some characters should have been in the game already but for me its worth it to shell out a little more to have the game right when i wanted it to have the edge online against the GotY purchasers. I’ll only ever do this for MK though because you have a valid point. For some people though, this isn’t nickle and diming, just extra content coming out at a very exciting rate.

  • Guest

    i brought the pack but it wont give me scaelet or the seamless pack

  • the more companies milk gamers for DLC the more I am tempted to just wait a few months for the all in one pack which is what the original release should have been.  More and more, DLC is deliberating kept back

  • Deano

    i know that you get 4 fighters but do you get anything more or is it just the 4 fighters and why should you need to pay to play online with the kombat pass which is 800 Microsoft Points and will their be another Mortal Kombat Season Pass for every Season if so i take it they just want more money out of us.

  • im confused i bought the game new and it had  “season pass code” in it….but i didnt get any of the characters… people who paid for full price for a new game with season pass have to buy another season pass to get the characters?…that’s bullsh^T  for $60 i shouldn’t have to buy anything else