Robin Flies Into “Arkham City”

Batman must always have a Robin, it seems. Dick Grayson first held the mantle, then became Nightwing, is currently Batman, and will return to Nightwing soon enough. Damian Wayne holds the mantle now. Jason Todd was the first replacement, and now is the anti-hero Red Hood. Stephanie Brown took on the role after being Spoiler and before being Batgirl. One Robin had flown for years, and while he’s Red Robin now, Tim Drake is the longest-running Robin since Dick started the cause. Best Buy’s revealed that, like Catwoman, Tim Drake’s Robin will be joining Batman in Arkham City.

While supplies last, pre-order the game for an exclusive downloadable Robin character. Robin is a fully playable character in the new and improved challenge mode in Batman: Arkham City. The Tim Drake Robin pack is available exclusively to fans who pre-order the game from Best Buy on Xbox 360, PC and PS3.

Robin comes complete with his own unique gadgets and special moves, and will be playable in all challenge maps in the game, as well as two additional challenge maps that are included with the pack: Black Mask Hideout and Freight Train Escape.

The pack will also contain a bonus Red Robin character skin.

Playable in the challenge missions, Tim Drake is available exclusively (at launch) to Best Buy preorder customers. The addition of a Red Robin skin brings thing to current continuity, but by game launch, may already be outdated. Red Robin has been confirmed to be a character in the new Teen Titans book, but with DC relaunching everything with new designs and new #1s, the outfit’s already changed. Not that it really matters…

Does this make you want to preorder the game?

Source IGN and Best Buy

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