Indie Game: The Movie Trailer

Braid was an amazing game. Super Meat Boy was equally astounding in its own insane platforming way and from what I can tell, 2008 IGF Excellent in Visual Art award winner Fez from Polytron will also be uniquely exceptional. What ties them together (aside from being side-scrolling platformers) is that they’re indie games, perfect candidates for Indie Game: The Movie.

Indie Game: The Movie is an upcoming documentary from BlinkWorks that covers Team Meat, Jonathan Blow, and Phil Fish’s experiences while developing their indie gems. According to the website, it’s less about being video game developers and more about expressing yourself through a video game, but I’m sure there will still be plenty for the sorts of people out there who endlessly count the days until the next GDC.

If you’re going by the trailer, it would seem BlinkWorks is almost done with this film. However, they’ve only just finished filming and done a few rough cuts. To really finish the film, they are hoping to raise enough money through a Kickstarter campaign to get the entire shebang done by August. This includes audio and color tweaks and whatever else they come across that needs revisiting to make sure IGTM is the best it can possibly be. With 31 days to go and $14,500 of its $35,000 goal raised, you still have a chance to help IGTM see the light of day.

And I don’t want to sound like an art house sap, but I love watching people doing what they love to do, especially when you get to experience as much of the journey as you can with them. The “dammit!” moment in the trailer hits home pretty hard with my senior design project (an experimental HTML5 multiplayer tank shooter) and god damn I just can’t wait to see this thing.

via Shacknews.

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