66 Year Old Man Kicks Ass At Battlefield

Ahhh…retirement, some of the best years of the end of our lives. After working tireless thankless hours at a job we dislike, we can sit back, relax, tend to our garden, or learn some good wholesome underwater basket weaving.

Or, you can play Battlefield . And that’s exactly what this old man has been doing. At sixty six years old, this retiree can put most of us to shame, especially if you’re playing on the PS3. If you want to get your face owned, this guy is currently taking friend requests to expand his list of fellow gamers. His PSN ID is ADHD_WACKO_JACKO. Take a look at the video below, and take notes on this man’s immense FPS skill.

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  • LOL Love his PSN ID. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Cant believe he uses that cheap aiming trick to increase his accuracy. People like him (I doubt thats actually him playing) ruin multiplayer games.