Re-surging Video Game Genre Receives Excellent Documentary Treatment

It seems that lately, Platform Nation has been in the habit of promoting documentaries having to do with gaming and general nerd culture. This includes my own documentary on New York Comic Con 2010 , which was recently featured on my college’s official website, and a great documentary about the difficulties of indie developers called Indie Game: The Movie</, which was promoted by writer Tim Poon

Now I’m here to promote a third documentary on Platform Nation, and no, I was not involved with it in any way and I do not know the filmmakers. It’s just a really interesting look at the community surrounding one of the best video game genres, a genre that has recently experienced a major resurgence, a Renaissance if you will.

At least these two rejects think so

That’s right, this is the fighting genre, and this documentary, FIGHT: Arena of Gamers discusses “the fighting game scene on a local and worldwide level.” The filmmaker made this wonderful film, which features the likes of fighting game personalities Justin Wong, Mike Ross, Ricky Ortiz, Alex Valle and others for a Documentary Production class at the University of Oregon, where he or she just graduated from this semester. The doc also features a very high level of After Effects proficiency and a great soundtrack and also explains some of the mechanics and tactics of the genre for the experts from the experts. Take a look at the video below to take a look at this excellent documentary.

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