Sci-Fi DoubleFeature #1 Review

Title: Sci-Fi DoubleFeature #1
Publisher: Four Star Studios
Writers: Joshua Emmons (Radbots), Robbi Rodriguez (Kayross)
Artists: Joe Song (Radbots), Robbi Rodriguez (Kayross)
Colors: Nate Lovett (Radbots)
Release: 06/15/11
Price: 99 cents!
Website: DoubleFeature

This month’s DoubleFeature comic is all about Sci-Fi. DoubleFeature comics all have two, eight page stories. In the last two DoubleFeature comics, Horror and Action, the stories were different but had similarities. What makes this month’s DoubleFeature interesting is the two stories couldn’t be more different from one another.

The first story is silly, 80’s throwback fun. Radbots (story by Joshua Emmons, art by Joe Song, and colors by Nate Lovett) is about an awkward young kid who meets and befriends some giant robots from the 80’s. It’s not hard to figure out the inspiration for the Radbots but Emmons, Song , and Lovett do a great job of making the robots their own. You can tell from the art, and the commentary, that the creators loved coming up with the designs for the Radbots. The story is fast, fun, and full of laughs. It’s great when you can feel the creators’ excitement coming off the page.

The second story, Kayross by Robbi Rodriguez, is completely different. It’s hard to write about because I have no idea what happened. The main character, Money, is traveling to other dimensions in order to steal original I.P. to bring back and sell. When Money steals an idea though, the universe he is in starts to unravel. The real star of this story is the art. The art is amazing. Your brain might be confused but your eyes will be thanking you.

DoubleFeature has released yet another great comic worth your 99 cents. With two polar opposite but enjoyable stories, great art, and awesome special features it’s easy to recommend Sci-Fi DoubleFeature #1 to anyone.

9 out of 10

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