Team Bondi Denies Creative Credit To Many L.A. Noire Developers

Despite the critical and commercial success of L.A. Noire, developers have described working for Team Bondi as an “inflexible and virtually praise-free environment”, as approximately 130 Australian developers have claimed they were not credited for up to four years of work on the game.

An unnamed developer did say that, “some staff were told that they would not be credited unless they stayed with the company until the game shipped,” but maintained that this treatment was still not fair or ethical. The developer is actually in the right with this statement, as denying creative credit violates the guidelines of industry bodies such as the International Game Developers Association.

In protest, these uncredited developers created a website called L.A. Noire Credits , which lists the notes all staff involved in the game, whether they say it through to shipment or not.

It’s sad to see this happening, but it’s likely that these types of thing happen all the time given the nature of the industry. Still, that does not excuse Team Bondi from denying creative credit to the many of the individuals that worked tirelessly to produce the best Australian video game in achievement, which is both a cultural and artistic achievement for Australia.


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