Zelda Adventure Gets Link In Your Minecraft

Minecraft has gotten a bit crazy. I mean sure, things started out pretty small with your token Mario 1-1 recreation, but the Enterprise? Now that’s just crazy.

Wait, what do you mean BioShock? Like, the Bathysphere? Oh come on, no one could possibly have the sort of time and dedication to handcraft a diminutive version of Rapture. You’re mad.

Whoa whoa whoa, Zelda Adventure? An entire mod for Minecraft with 10 hours of play with five to eight dungeons and tons of weapons and items? Now I know you’re delusional. There’s no way in hell Gary520 has created a whole game within Minecraft with Ocarina of Time-inspired elements and has now put out a trailer. Who could possibly believe that?

Holy crap.

via Joystiq.

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