GTAIV Maxed Out On PC

This video may end the debate on whether this generation of consoles is holding back the PC once and for all.  In this 8 minute clip we get to see just how spectacular GTAIV could have looked, or at the very least it shows what GTAV should look like.

Of course the game is being run on a powerful PC but there is just no comparison the visual quality in the video and how GTAIV looked on either console or even in the released PC version itself.

The YouTube post list the mods that you have to install as well as the hi-texture packs but as long as you follow the steps and your PC can handle it, then GTAIV can really look this good for you. Many PC modders have been tweaking GTAIV since it was released some time ago so if you have a particular favourite why not leave the YouTube link in the comments section below and share it with the rest of the community?

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  • Anonymous

    While these graphics are very impressive its hardly a showcase for the PC’s possibilities. At some points the visuals look almost life-like, but at other times its so overly processed and clean that it looks like bad PS1 era CG.

    The mods they are using used reworked textures that are way higher than the original game had, so its not like at the time the consoles were holding GTA IV back, and the technology its being displayed on wasent around then either. On top of that the cars and other assets are original and were not even included in the retail copy of the game.

    The computer running that system costs thousands to build, its got over $700 in GPUs alone. Even then they are only managing an average of 28fps, which is pretty low (and im not a 60fps snob) and thats with nothing really happening. The entirety of the video is showing just his car and sometimes a few npcs walking around in the background – there are no explosions, combat, or normal city population. Only at the end is the game shown with a decent amount of other objects in the world, and even then there is noticeable frame rate drop. I would love to see how it preforms when he plows through a line of pedestrians – i bet the game staggers to single digit performance.
    Though the performance could see a big increase by lowering the resolution a bit, 3840×2160 is insane, I dont even know what kind of monitor he has to support that.

    But all those comments aside… this is showing a mostly static environment. While it looks nice its hardly a useful demo for video game technology. I think the PC shows its advantage over consoles in its ability to out muscle them in dynamic and procedural processing. A game like STALKER for example has simply stunning shadow and lighting effects that contribute much more to creating a believable world than some crazy high resolution textures.