J.K. Rowling Announces Pottermore

Today J.K. Rowling, the author of the widely popular Harry Potter series, has announced her latest project: ‘Pottermore.’ According to Rowling, Pottermore will be a sort of evolving social web site that re-tells the Harry Potter story in an exciting new way. But for fans such as myself who are aching for new material, you will be happy to hear that in her announcement video Rowling also states: ‘I will be sharing additional information that I’ve been hording for years about the world of Harry Potter.’ So while it might not be what fans were expecting, there is still something to look forward to.

It not entirely clear what fans should expect to see from Pottermore at this stage, but after watching the announcement video and reading the short description on the website, my guess is that it will be a sort of online reading companion or book club that is directly tied to the author. Perhaps you will make an account and then work through different interactive stages that lead you through the different books, starting with The Sorcerer’s Stone. Rowling also stated that the story would directly involve the readers, meaning our input will somehow be included in the story, almost like a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. It could even turn out to be a new age version of those old school text based rpg’s, but there is really no way of knowing at this point.

I will admit that I am both slightly confused and disappointed by this announcement, as I was personally looking forward to another book; but I suppose Pottermore doesn’t completely rule out that possibility. I would either like to read a book of Harry when he is older, facing new enemies as an Auror (dark wizard catcher) or a prequel that tells us more about Lily and James Potter. I mean honestly, who wouldn’t want to read about the days when the Order of the Phoenix was first being established? Even an entirely new cast of characters set in the same universe would be exciting. Or how about hearing J.K. Rowling’s take on Merlin and Camelot? After all, Merlin is mentioned quite often in the books and movies (Merlin’s beard Harry!).

But on the bright side, Pottermore could turn out to be a fantastic way to share the world of Harry Potter with people new to the series. For example, I have recently become an uncle and was planning to read the Potter books to the little tyke when she came of age and Pottermore might just make that experience all the more magical and fun for both of us. I am sure we will be hearing a great deal more about Rowling’s new project in the coming months. For now, you can head over to and drool, but on July 31st you can go there for a chance to sign up and have early access. I can’t wait, Potter has always been one of my guilty pleasures. If you don’t dig on the Potter, then Sectumsempra bitches!

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  • I think she still has something else up her sleeve.